Member News, Announcements, and Article Links

November 2009

A featured article by our own East Bay Section member, John David Kendrick, will be published in the upcoming Quality Digest.  John's article provides access to valuable insights for the methodical identification of useful data in out of control conditions.  John's article is available here: The Importance of a Proper SPC Subgroup Sampling Technique

August 2009

Feigenbaum Award winner, Vic Nanda together with Jeff Robinson, PhD have put out a call for proposals for their upcoming book "Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement: Success Stories from Motorola and other Leading Companies."  If you have a Six Sigma success story from the software/IT industry and would like to submit a proposal, click here. 

May 2009

Jeanne Vargas, our Treasurer, and Dawn Plaskon, our Communications Chair represented our section at ASQ's annual Leadership Institute, which is held the Saturday before the World Conference on Quality and Improvement.   On Saturday evening, Jeanne and Dawn accepted the Total Quality Award and the QMP Silver Excellence award on behalf of our section.  Many thanks to our members for helping us to achieve this honor.

March 2009

The ASQ Golden Gate Section 0618 is rebranded as ASQ East Bay Section 0618.  The new section name reflects a more accurate description of our geographical service area.

Congratulations to our newly certified members.  The following examinees at the March 2009 sitting have received their certifications.

Six Sigma Black Belt: Angela Ho KiLo and Michael Bouchard

Certified Manger of Quality/OE: Peter M. Kwan, Davidson Fong, and John A. Zock

January 2009

ASQ Golden Gate 0618 Section earns QMP Silver Excellence award from ASQ Nationalfor exceptional performance and member loyalty ratings during the 2007-2008 fiscal year.  Read our press release here.

December 2008

We are pleased to welcome three new members to our section board.  Arlene Kadrich agreed to take over our secretary after Moria Feighery-Ross was unable to continue in that role.  Mike Ahmadi and Greg Farley have joined the board as directors at large.  We look forward to the energy and ideas our new section leaders will provide.